Lynnfield’s primary services center on genealogy. Despite the popularity of genealogy websites featured on TV commercials, there is still a noticeable void in affordable, in-person genealogical expertise. Lynnfield works to fill this void with our understanding of the nuances family traditions and the difficulties associated with genealogy. 

Why You Need a Genealogical Consultant

Legacy. Heritage. Ancestry. For many of us, these are vague terms that have little bearing on our daily lives. In actuality, there are very practical reasons for hiring a genealogical consultant.

·       Health: Death records for immediate ancestors can often provide insights into potential red flags for yourself. It can be crucial to know whether death by cancer, diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, etc. is common in your family. This is a great way to verify and add depth to popular DNA genealogy tests.

·       Property: Real estate is an important component of establishing and maintaining generational wealth. We often allow property that our ancestors owned to deteriorate and fall behind in taxes. Some of us could be the rightful owners of parcels of land without knowing it because the information was simply not passed down properly. Hiring a genealogist is the first step to learning about possible property or funds on which you might make a legal claim.

·       Cultural Pride: In recent years, Arizona’s ban on ethnic studies in public schools and the erasure of slavery and Jim Crow from K-12 curriculum in Texas have led to many to understand how important it is for us to value our histories. Genealogy is a superb strategy for building connections between personal and national history. It helps people of all ages to understand the contributions their families and communities have made to the world.  

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