Oral history is a viable and respected method of historical preservation. If you are holding a family reunion, birthday, or anniversary, using our oral history services can be quite beneficial. Oral histories are not just recorded interviews. Our oral history sessions are meant to dig deep into an individual’s personal and family history. Lynnfield Historical Consulting does not just provide clients with a copy of the session. We verify the details mentioned in the interview and examine them with respect to historical context. We provide a detailed index of the interview to facilitate future research. We follow the professional standards set by the Oral History Association.

Curious about oral history? View our presentation before purchasing a package:

Presentation: Telling the Tale

  • Lynnfield is flexible! Depending on the results of your free initial consultation, we may be able to customize a package to fit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss details.

  • If you have an upcoming family reunion or other celebration, consider our special event packages that combine our genealogy and oral history services on location.

Oral History Package

Our oral history services begin at $150. This includes:

  • Pre-production and preparatory research time

  • Use of recording equipment

  • Video editing

  • Post-interview data verification

  • A copy of the interview and related files

  • Index of interview

Transcriptions of interviews can also be purchased. The cost of transcription will depend on the length of the final interview.