Black History Month is Almost Here!


We are just a few days away from Black History Month 2018. I am so excited to connect with new clients and to continue advocating for history education in my local community. 

I'm glad to have 2017 behind us. We've gotten past Hurricane Harvey and the hectic holiday season. As we hit our stride in the new year, I want to encourage everyone to connect with their elders in preparation for February's celebrations. Here are two questions that can help open a fun dialogue:

  1. What was a fad or trend from your youth? Did your parents give you grief about certain clothes or hairstyles you wanted to wear, or music you wanted to listen to?
  2. Are there any stories about famous (or infamous) relatives in our family? 

You might learn that your great-aunt once danced on Soul Train in glittery bellbottoms. Or maybe you have a cousin whose dinner date with Lloyd Hall inspired his work in food preservation. With all of the stressful things going on in the world, it can be calming and inspirational to gain some perspective about the lives of people who have been here much longer than we have. 

While you are learning about your family, keep Lynnfield in mind for your summer family reunion planning. Family reunions are perfect opportunities to collect genealogical material. I will help craft a multimedia package and conduct research on your family tree. Clients receive a comprehensive family history dossier. It's never too early to begin planning, so send me a message to get started! I look forward to helping you "Unlock Your Legacy."