Finding Female Ancestors

Finding Female Ancestors

Happy Women's History Month! Let's take a moment to think about a major issue in genealogy: finding our female ancestors. We all know that women are just as important as men in genealogical research, but records are strongly skewed toward men. How can we address this disparity?

In practically any family history project, you will encounter a brick wall with a woman on your pedigree chart. Because of traditional surname changes, tracing women in our family trees can be much more difficult than tracing men. Lost maiden names and remarriages can pose challenges, but often, with a bit of dedication these challenges can be overcome.

The erasure of women in historical records has long been a problem in the field of genealogy. After the 20th century Women's Rights Movement, this is slowly changing. Women's roles in history are celebrated more, and consequently, our female relatives are recorded more. As women have moved into the public sphere more - purchasing land, maintaining bank accounts, running businesses, and entering into legal contracts - it has become easier to fill in gaps in our family trees. Nevertheless, tracing women in history still presents certain difficulties, but you shouldn't give up!

Although there's no magic trick for completing family trees, Lynnfield can help you find connections that lead to the missing women in your project. Contact us for a consultation to get started!