I established Lynnfield Historical Consulting because I noticed that most people are unaware of how useful history is in our everyday lives. One day, I received a call from a landman who was attempting to find the heirs of a piece of real estate in northern Texas. The property belonged to a distant relative, but I was able to offer some information because of my knowledge of my family tree. I realized two things after this interaction: That there were professionals out there struggling with genealogy and historical research, and that there are people missing out on inheritances and royalties because they don't know their family trees. Why not use my skills and interests to fill these gaps? In this spirit, I created Lynnfield with the goal to help you "Unlock Your Legacy," whether that is through genealogy or any other form of historical research.

What is Historical Consulting?

A historical consultant does the complicated work of researching history for clients. Historical consultants offer their expertise in a number of fields. Filmmakers hire historical consultants to ensure period pieces are accurate. Museums hire us to help create exhibits. To obtain federal funding for important buildings, local governments hire historical consultants to write proposals for historic landmark recognition. 

But what if you are not a filmmaker or museum director? How can you personally benefit from the expertise of a historical consultant? At Lynnfield, the past, present, and future are intricately connected. Our mission is to help clients understand that the past has valuable relevancy in the present, and that it is crucial for proper planning for the future.

Genealogy is the most common reason individuals hire historical consultants. Part of Lynnfield's guiding philosophy is that it is essential for every person to have access to their extended family's history and cultural traditions. In fact, in 2001, a study concluded that "the more children knew about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned." Hiring Lynnfield can be a crucial first step in preserving your family's history and establishing a strong identity for your younger relatives. 

Lynnfield's services go beyond direct genealogical research. We take on a wide variety of projects, so if you need help with anything related to property records, inheritances, or simply researching a history-related question, please contact us.

What Makes Lynnfield Different?

History is so much more than endless lists of dates and names…

Lynnfield Historical Consulting distinguishes itself by focusing on storytelling. History is full of drama, comedy, and inspiration. Unfortunately, most of us miss out on all the exciting parts because of the dull, mechanical way that history is taught in many schools. Lynnfield wants our clients to know that good historical interpretation is more than a recitation of dates, names, and events. By hiring us, you will get context. No matter what your needs are, one thing remains true: History is crucial to comprehending our place in our communities. To truly know who we are, we must seek to understand our full stories, not just lists of names and dates.