Unlock Your Legacy

Are you interested in completing your family tree, writing a piece of historical fiction, or uncovering the history of some of your family's real estate? Save your valuable time by hiring Lynnfield to do the traveling, research, and writing for your project.

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What Is Historical Consulting?

Lynnfield Historical Consulting distinguishes itself by focusing on storytelling. Lynnfield wants our clients to know that good historical interpretation is more than a recitation of dates, names, and events.

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Come and Learn!

Our blog is a great place to come to learn about new developments in history research methods, trivia, and advancements in the field of genealogy. Share posts with your friends, and let us know if there are any topics you'd like us to cover.

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Why Is Genealogy Important?

Legacy. Heritage. Ancestry. For many of us, these are vague terms that have little bearing on our daily lives. In actuality, there are very practical reasons for hiring a genealogical consultant, such as knowing your health background, being aware of property you might inherit, and developing a sense of cultural pride.

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